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Diary Introduction

Welcome to the web diary for our  2004/5 visit to Ascension.


Last time we went was in 1997 and it was much more of an adventure as a) we didn't know what to expect and b) the facilities on the island were pretty basic.


This time round we will by flying on a proper charter plane from Air Luxor, as the more basic RAF Tristars are now on the Iraq run as presumably Tony was having trouble chartering planes for the Iraq milk run and getting insurance. Whilst looking up Air Luxor I discovered this anorak thread about the worlds most remote airport. Well I reckon Ascension  definitely wins the prize for the warmest remote airport.


The wonders of the Internet and the dramatic reduction in the price of digital cameras means we can keep this daily (hopefully) diary on the web, rather than just relying on the limited collection of postcards on the island and the once a week (at best) post.

And speaking of temperature here is the current temperature

(click on temperature for full weather forecast

and here is the webcam view of the bridgehead.

Click here

So whilst you are all shivering in the UK just think of us a minute away from Long Beach (See below) with a sea temperature of 25C. The bad news is that this beach is not suitable for swimming, although paradoxically it is the one used by the turtles to lay their eggs.


Suref on Long Beach, Ascension Island


So to add this page to your favorites (Mac users will have to do this another way) and come back regularly to see the latest instalment.


 Les, Lynda and Peter Smith