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Ascension Island diary - January 1


Day 6 - January 1st


New Years day and a very leisurely, do-little  day as still a bit tired from 3.00am finish this morning. Thank goodness, no hangovers as had been very careful with the alcohol.


One of the Ascension Island more recent traditions is the annual New Years pier head jump, we managed to forget the camera or may have overslept anyway.



Blow Hole, Dead mans beach, Ascension Island


However did have a beach walk in the afternoon and a blow hole on the beach in front of Georgetown cemetery was in fine form. Blowholes occur when wave erosion creates narrow caverns in the lava, and as the cavern is gradually enlarged,  sometimes a small hole is eroded in the top of the cavern.  Then with a large swell the sea rushes into the cavern and emerges under pressure through the hole in the roof.  


Long Beach, Ascension Island


Finished off the day with a walk along Long Beach late afternoon. In the sea were lots of turtles popping their heads up every now and then waiting to come ashore to lay eggs, but unfortunately they were too far off shore for piccys. 


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