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Ascension Island diary - January 6


Day 11 - January 6th


As it's yet again a nice day, Lynda and I decide to get going early before it gets too warm and climb Cross Hill which is just behind Georgetown. 



By the time we are ready for a first picture stop we have already climbed up quite a bit. Our starting point was just behind Long Beach visible on the right with some boats in the bay. However not time for resting as Cross Hill has a summit of 864 feet above sea level so quite a bit more to go. The picture below is from the same place but zoomed in a bit more, and where we are staying is the second bungalow on the right. 



Onwards and upwards to the summit and we get an excellent view of Long Beach almost totally empty now, but it will be a hive of turtle activity after dark every night now until around June. 



We climbed by the road round the side as looked a gentle slope, but we go back down the front of Cross Hill and stop at the gun emplacements, which look out over Long Beach.



From here is just a few minutes back to Georgetown and lunch.

Meanwhile Pete had been out on a fishing trip. 



This is just the tender not the boat which was moored too far off for a picture. Whilst Pete was not green round the gills when he got back he was definitely suffering.

Not so the other fishermen ..


... who caught 3 Tuna and plus a.n.other but Pete can't recall what it was. He did say that 2 of the Tuna were initially hooked on his rod.


For more on fishing see Ascension Island Fishing
(From the RAF Southern Sea Angling League)


In the late afternoon we make a trip the the Devils Riding School. 



On the approach to this we walk over an area that is covered with small pieces which clatter when one walks as though one was walking over broken roof tiles. They look as though they were originally hollow lava balls or bubbles that were part of an eruption at some stage. The Devils riding School itself is a bit of a disappointment but maybe this is because we have approached from the wrong direction and/or the late afternoon sun was not bringing out the features that give it the distinctive name.

Thoroughly exhausted we retreat to Georgetown to end the day with a well-earned beer.    


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