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Ascension Island diary - January 7


Day 12 - January 7th


Today being Friday Johnny is at work all day and after work it is Scouts.


As the sea is relatively calm the Scouts are have a fishing evening. The island's scout troop is in the lucky position of having two bases on the island, one is up in the pine trees near the old Nasa site on the far side of the island and the other, we we are going tonight, is overlooking the beach and rocks between Georgetown and the beach by the airfield.


When we arrive the fishing has been underway for a while and results of the first catches are already being prepared.



For the fishing fanatics among you. there is an excellent Ascension Island fishing page  you may want to read, which includes a bit about the inshore fish as well as the big game fishing opportunities off shore.



By now the scouts are reeling in moray eels as well as grouper, so Pete decides to have a go.



But whereas the scouts seem to be consistently successful Pet's line gets entangled and it starts getting dark.



 The sun starts to set and it is going to be a fairly picturesque sunset  ...



... which improves as the sun goes done, but frustratingly then suddenly just fades after the picture above was taken.

Now it is time to finish the rest of the catch and Johnny shows  how to fillet a grouper.



And after the preparation it is bar-b-q time :



Actually just in case enough fish were not caught Johnny had brought some tuna steaks as well to ensure there was enough to go round.

The grouper was quite tasty but somehow Lynda and I didn't get round to the eel. Must have been something to do with that "fish of the marshes"  (or that is what the menu literally said)  we had in the Vendee two years ago/


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