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Ascension Island Links

Most of the links relate directly to Ascension Island, but some provide good background information.


Links are grouped together into the following sections:


Sea Turtles and Ascension Island
Site about University of Wales, Swansea project project to determine the current status of the green turtle (Chelonia mydas) which nests on Ascension Island in the South Atlantic. The project  is funded by the Darwin Initiative for the Survival of Species
California Turtle and Tortoise Club's list of links
Lots of links to other turtle pages
Sea Turtle Survival league
Bulletin board, Email list and other information
The Atlantic Green Turtle (Chelonia mydas)
Very comprehensive. Based on information from the Recovery Plan for U.S. Population of Atlantic Green Turtles, U.S Fish and Wildlife Service and National Marine Fisheries Service, 1991
UN System-wide EarthWatch Island Directory
Basic environmental and geographic information on the significant islands
of the world including Ascension Island.
Magnetic Turtles and the GPS
Interesting page about how turtles navigate and find Ascension. As the author points out this is no mean feat, after all World War II Air Force pilots based there had a saying - ''If you miss Ascension, your wife gets a pension''.
Caribbean Conservation Corporation
The Caribbean Conservation Corporation aims to ensure the survival of sea turtles within the Wider Caribbean basin and Atlantic through research, education, training, advocacy and the protection of the natural habitats upon which they depend. Includes this page which explains how tracking transmitters are attached to turtles
Marine Turtle research group
Subsite on their Ascension Island turtle project
Ascension Frigatebird - the return continues
a 2014 update by the RSPB after the program to eliminate feral caats and rats
Seabirds return to ascension island
Article on Birdlife International website about the success story on removal of the cats on Ascension
BirdLife International
Fact sheet about the Ascension Frigate bird
Terrestrial Ecoregions -- Ascension scrub and grasslands
World wild life fund page about Ascension's ecology
Coffee on St. Helena
The Tea & Coffee Trade Journal's article on The Island of Saint Helena Coffee Company, April 2001
UK Overseas Conversation Forum
The UK Overseas Territories Conservation Forum helps with the co-ordinated conservation of the plant, animal species and natural habitats of UK's Overseas Territories (UKOTs). click here to search it via Google. 
Ascension Island seabirds in the Ascendancy
Recent article (Dec 2004) about the improvement in the prospects for sea-birds on the island. 
Birdwatching Trip Report from Ascension Island
Brief account Army Ornithological Society survey of the Sooty "Wideawake" Tern fairs on Ascension Island. Detailed description of bird species encountered but only a few pictures.
Green Mountain
Wikipedia entry for Green mountain with description of how the flora on the mountain has come to be what it is today.
Going Green: Ascension Island Sea Turtles
Article about Ascension Island turtle migration and nest building
Ascension Island Flora
Page showing selection of the Ascension Island flora seen during a stay by Jonathan Shanklin between March 21 and 25 2006
Enigma of the man-made rainforest
Article in the Independent newspaper about the evolution of the man-made rain forest at the top of Green mountain



Ascension Island diary - smith family visit 2004/5
Daily diary, with plenty of pictures, of exploits of the smith family during their 2004/5 visit staying with Johnny Hobson (the island's dentist). 
Administrator of Ascension Island
The "official" Ascension Island site with lots about the island and details of how to visit.
Nasa Deep Space station
The Nasa space tracking station that is now the 1st Ascension Scout HQ
Island Resources Foundation
Private, non-profit research and education organization, dedicated to solving the environmental problems of development in small tropical islands. This site seems to very active and up to date.
Ascension Island Webcam
Live view from the bridge head.
The Islander
The current edition online of Ascension Island's only newspaper plus searchable archive of past issues.
Trembly's Travels
A page about Cristy Trembly's visit to the South Atlantic by plane to Ascension and then on by sea to Saint Helena and Tristan.
The ZD8TC Ascension Island Story
Ted Collins describes how he set-up and ran a world beating Amateur radio station on the island, but starts off with some odd snippets of Ascension Island history.
Scuba Surf
A scuba Ezine which might be useful for anyone intending scuba diving on Ascension
The St.Helena Virtual library and Archive
Provides electronic versions of literature mainly related to St. Helena and also maps and views of St. Helena, but there is a section at the end on material related to Ascension.
The emphasis is on the older, more scarce, St. Helena material (books published prior to 1900; maps and views published prior to 1800).
(Does not contain books that deal only, or mainly, with Napoleon's exile on St. Helena.)
Ascension Undersea
Underwater pictures from Jimmy Young, one of the most experienced divers on Ascension who  knows it's waters and  turtles.
Expat Exchange
Useful site for anyone living or working abroad.
Ascension in the sixties
Photographs taken by Mike Simpson during his stay on Ascension from 1966-1968, plus some historic pictures taken around 1898
Ascension AAF Local Post
Short piece about the local post in the seventies on the US Auxiliary Air Field base complex
Ascension island current weather summary
Comprehensive information on current weather conditions plus 24 hour history of conditions
Ascension island weather history statistics
Statistics and trends (temperature rainfall etc) on weather at Georgetown
Island Search
Search engine specialising in Islands
Unofficial Ascension Island
Useful site from Telecom Consulting Limited covering most aspects of the islands with plenty of pictures and a good links section.
Ascension Island guide
Page on VirtualTourist.com with link to nice page by Aabebi Glass who lives on St. Helena. 
Aerial view of Ascension Island
Aerial picture of Ascension Island from the earth observatory sub-site of Nasa. 
There is an additional link on the page to an even higher quality image (1870 kB) 
NASA earth Observatory
Info and aerial image of Ascension.  (A much larger Ascension Island aerial image is available via a text link)
Weather statistics (Georgetown)
Mainly temperature related stats. e.g. average, highest, lowest.
Yacht Prrrfection sails to Ascension Island in the Atlantic
Quite detailed account of the visit to Ascension by Yacht Prrrfection (Note: all text no pictures)
Visit by GreenPeace's Esperanza
Account of visit by the GreenPease vessel Esperanza on 15 March 2006, plus links to Guardian articles about the Uk Government u-turn on plans for democracy and self-determination on the island.
YouTube video on Ascension
Short video but all still shots but these were all taken by members of the 701st airlift squadron there are some interesting aerial views.
Ascension AAF (Auxiliary Air Field) Local Post
Page about the Ascension AAF (Auxiliary Air Field) Local Post service which operated from just January 1972 to August 25, 1972 ! 
Abandoning Ascension.; Some peculiarities of the island that made life a burden there
Article about life on Ascension from The New York Times  August 30, 1881, edition.
N.B. the full article is a scanned file in PDF format.
FMF Local Post Honors Ascension Naturalist Robin Hannay
Page about stamps issued by FMF Local Post (FMFLP) of Fort Myers Florida to commemorate naturalist Robin Hannay for his work on Ascension Island by issuing a special commemorative local post first day cover in 1978.
Ashes to More Ashes!… Exercise Busch Baby
Account of RAF team who walk all 21(or is it 22) letterbox walks.
ASI - Airport
A few statistics etc about the Wideawake Airfield  if you are into that sort of thing
Memories of Ascension
Account by Phil Brooks of the setting up in the late sixties  of the BBC World Services or South Atlantic Relay Station. (S.A.R.S.) as it was known then.
Dawn Osborn - Photographer
Pictures of Ascension Island birds, landscape, plant life and faune
"Ascension Island. Barren, 4,044 miles from Land's End, but ours says the FO"
Article from 28 August 2008 edition of the Guardian newpaper about extending nation mineral rights from 200 to 350 nautical miles.
ZD8SIX on Ascension November 2000
Share with the fun, frustration and excitement of a 6m (50MHz) radio amateur DXpedition to Ascension Island in the South Atlantic! Actually don't worry if you are not a adio amateu as it is very readable. (NB The start link which says  Her we go is not instantly obvious)



Space flight tracking and data network
Some information about  Networks Division of Goddard Space Flight Center and how Ascension fits into the GSFC network of stations around the world.
Cable and Wireless
Short history of Cable and Wireless's connection with the Island starting in 1899.
History of the Atlantic Cable & Submarine Telegraphy - Ascension Island
Article about the role Ascension Island as a undersea telephone/telecommunications station.

Game Fishing

Atlantic Fishing charter
Try your hand at deep sea fishing off Ascension. The site says that there are plenty of blue marlin, sailfish, swordfish, yellowfin tuna, bigeye tuna, wahoo, mako shark, thresher shark, tiger shark, mahi mahi and a lot of other species. 


Ascension Island climate
Some weather statistics for Ascension
Current Conditions for Wide awake field,Ascension Island
Find out what the weather was doing on the island a few hours ago.
Earth Viewer: Cities around the World
Click on the name of a city to show a zoomable image centred on that city
Flatteringly this site includes Ascension Island in the list. The image is a little small
but is relatively current as it comes from an orbiting satellite.
RIDGE Multibeam Synthesis Project
A synthesis of multi-beam bathymetry collected by academic and government agencies from mid-ocean ridges, if you are into that sort of thing.
Mining Company Geography Guide
The Mining Co provide all sorts of guides and this geography one has an excellent collection of links and resources.
Links to all over the world.
Internet Geography
Links to original works that describe general physical, environmental, human, and
economic geography subjects. Special sections of the site are geared specifically for students and teachers; the site provides them with homework help and lessons for teaching geography. 
Visible Earth
Nasa sub-site contains searchable directory of images, visualizations and animations of the Earth sorted by country.


Barry Weaver's pages
This site from the University of Oklahoma gives an overview of the Island and a comprehensive insight into its geology.
University of Oregon Geology Department
Interesting set of links and resources about earthquakes , volcanoes , sea surface temperature and hurricane formation


More on William Dampier
More on William Dampier from Wikipedia.
Napoleon's exile to St. Helena was the impetus for the first permanent occupation of Ascension
The Falklands War
A good starting place for researching the Falklands history.
The Voyage of the Beagle
Chapter 21 of the Internet Wiretap Online Edition of Darwin's book which contains details of Darwin's brief visit.
The Strange Story of Napoleon's Wallpaper
A very interesting piece of historic and scientific detective work. (Don't forget to click the link at the bottom of each page for the next part of the story).
The Napoleonic Guide
A one-stop reference site for Napoleon and French history between 1796 to 1815, providing information on the period's major powers, armies, soldiers, battles, the Naval War, the War of 1812, etc. As expected from  the site's title it has  personal information on Napoleon's career, opponents, marshals, and family, including a page on Napoleon's exile on St. Helena. Also provided are digital images; key maps; and a list of relevant movies, books, and music. 
The Laconia incident
Details of how U-boat U-156 was rescuing survivors from a "kill" when itself became a victim of a American B-24 Liberator bomber operating from the Ascension Island. This incident caused Dönitz to alter his standing instructions to U-boats about rescuing survivors.
Ascension Island Heritage Society
Rich source of information for both modern and older history of the island. Has a then and now pictures section.
Six Months in Ascension
Electronic copy of book by Mrs Gill published in 1878. An account of a visit, sponsored by the Royal Astronomical Society, to measure the distance  from the Earth to the sun during a  favorable Opposition of Mars. There are 25 chapters covering most aspects of life on Ascension in the second half of the 19th century. 
Thevet's description of Ascension Island
Short description of island landing written in 1555
Partial Military History
Contains scanned in copy of a document about the Marines occupation of Ascension when Napoleon was exiled on St. Helena.
Time traveller's guide to Napoleon's Empire
From UK Channel 4 television, this site covers everything you ever wanted to know about Napoleon from his seizure of power in 1799 to his exile in 1815
Letter about Ascension circa 1900
Letter home from a young girl who first arrived on Ascension in 1897.
Diary of US WWII aviator
Diary of US airman who fly from Florida via British Guyana, Brazil, Ascension Island, Accra and on the the Far East theatre of operations. Ascension only gets passing mention , but interesting to see how Widawake was used in World Ward II.
Ascension Island during the Falklands War 1982
A photographic record of people, planes and places taken by Bob Shackleton at Ascension during the preparations for the Falklands campaign
The Atlantic Relay Station and the Falklands War
BBC Memoryshare contribution by Norman Shacklady on his memories of the part the BBC on Ascension to teh Falklands campaign.
Royal Marine Commandants of Ascension Island
Page about the commandants of Ascension when it was run by the Royal Marines. Includes some thoughts on the high mortality rate.
The Journal of Syms Covington
Chapter 7 of The Journal of Syms Covington(Assistant to Charles Darwin Esq. on the Second Voyage of the HMS Beagle) which includes a short mention of the stop on Ascension in July 1836. Of interest are the mention of plentiful guinea fowl and the land rail.
Wideawake Engineers
A blog by journalist Robin Chapman about the papers she found left behind by her father,  the late Col. William Ashley Chapman, who served on Ascension Island in WWII and was heavily involved in the building of the runway. She has donated the material she found to the Ascension Island Heritage Society, who have  now catalogued the two boxes of papers she sent. The boxes contained William Chapman's letters, papers, lists of military men he served with, and drafts of articles about Ascension Island where he was stationed for two years during World War II.

Nasa and the Apollo moon Missions

Apollo expeditions to the Moon
Massive site organised into 15 chapters plus appendixes.
To give an indication of the coverage of this site here are all the main chapters:
A Perspective on Apollo
The forces that set us on the path to the Moon
"I Believe We Should Go to the Moon"
Engineering what had never been done before
Saturn the Giant
Building the boosters to send men beyond Earth
The Spaceships
Building the first craft to cross an ocean of space
Scouting the Moon
Mechanical explorers went before human ones
The Cape
The new shipyard of space created for Apollo
"This is Mission Control"
How men on Earth aided men in space
Men for the Moon
How they were chosen and train
The Shakedown Cruises

Bold steps preceded 'one small step'
Getting It All Together
Critical tests of the total system
"The Eagle Has Landed"
A goal attained, men on the Moon
Ocean of Storms and Fra Mauro

Exploring on foot, emplacing automatic laboratories
"Houston, We've Had a Problem"
A crippled bird limps safely home
The Great Voyages of Exploration
Scientific expeditions return a rich harvest
The Legacy of Apollo
New understanding of ourselves and our world
45th Space Wing
General page about the 45th space wing
Books on X-15, Apollo and space flight
Range Rats
Page by Dan Kovalchik which are good read about his Apollo period experiences, and includes one page about encountering sharks when diving off Ascension.
NASA Apollo 11 30th Anniversary
On July 20, 1969 Neil A. Armstrong took his "Small Step" onto the surface of the moon. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of its greatest success, NASA has created this new site, which includes crew interviews, image galleries, biographies, and documents such as  the "Top Ten  Scientific Discoveries Made During Apollo Exploration of the Moon".
WAE's on-line CD Rom catalog
A CD Rom reseller specializing in history, military history, military interest and aviation CD Rom publications, but also has a very active chat page and bulletin board/question and answer page.
Encyclopedia Astronautica
Huge site about space travel not just the Nasa mission but also the Soviet program and other countries such as China which are at a very early stage. 
The universe as seen by Nasa's Hubble space telescope. Mix of images and solid information.  Even has a games section including Make a Comet and Galaxies Galore.
A Tribute to Honeysuckle Creek Tracking Station
information about the Nasa Honeysuckle Creek Tracking Station in Australia. Includes information and pictures on the history of the site itself and the Apollo project.

Military and Space

The Ariane Space program
The Ariane site has some interesting "ARIANESPACE MOVIES" if you have a fast link for the chunky AVI files, but not much mention of Ascension.
Shopping for the Boosters
An account of the development of the Atlas ICBM in the late fifties, with a brief mention of Ascension as the east end of the Atlantic missile range.
The site name says it all !
Operation Black Buck
An account of the Vulcan bomber raid from Ascension on the Falklands 
ASCENSION ISLAND Stepping Stone to Victory
Interesting piece from Naval-history.net on Ascension's role in the Falklands war
HMS Hood's 5.5" Guns on Ascension Island
Short piece about how the HMS Hood guns came to be on Ascension and their restoration in the eighties. 
Britains Small Wars
This site has a subtitle of "The History of British Military Conflicts since 1945" and it has plenty of well organised information on the Falklands war, including a section of the role of the Vulcan bombers, the SAS and SBS involvement on the ground. Other conflicts covered include includes   India, Palestine, Malaya, Korea, Suez Canal Zone, Kenya, Cyprus, Suez 1956, Borneo, Vietnam, Aden, Radfan, Oman,  Northern Ireland, the Gulf War, Bosnia, Kosovo, Sierra Leone. 
 History of the Eastern Test Range
In the 50's Ascension formed the far end of the US Eastern Test Range and to this day Ascension is still used as part of the USA missile testing program.
Keeping the Vulcans flying
Exact reproduction of "The Vulcan Engineering Detachment on Ascension Island Diary" from the Vulcan Black Buck missions in the Falklands conflict and life on Ascension at the time. Also has lots of pictures.

South Atlantic

ABC Country Book of Saint Helena
A few facts on St Helena and it's dependencies.
Radio Saint Helena
Not strictly about Ascension, but because of it's very nature, the best place to look for current news on the South Atlantic.
St Helena Institute
As the name says lots about St. Helena but also information on Ascension Island and Tristan da Cuhna.


MTU Volcanoes Page
Michigan Tech's Volcanoes Page aims to provide information about volcanoes to the public, and has plenty of info and links to follow..
The Electronic Volcano
Plenty more links about volcanoes.
The Global Volcanism program
This site from the Smithsonian Institute contains of all volcanic eruptions over the last 10,000 years and also news on current eruptions in almost real time.
Geological Observations on the Volcanic Islands (chapter III)
Electronic copy of chapter from Darwin's book, and an insight into geology thoughts and techniques at the time of Darwin's life 
Yellowstone Volcano Observatory
Sub-site of the U.S. Geological Survey. Unlike Ascension Yellowstone has lots going on. 
The site is divided into several major sections that covering topics such as current volcanic and seismic activity in the region, volcanic history in the area, and FAQ (e.g. frequency of volcanic eruptions at Yellowstone and the relationship between
volcanism and the geysers and hot springs in Yellowstone).