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Visit 2006/7 - December 26


We are invited to visit a ship that is on charter to the US forces as part of it's pre-position supply fleet belonging to the Military Sealift Command. The  other parts of Sealift Command are Naval Fleet Auxiliary Force or NFAF, Special Missions and Sealift.

TSGT John A.Chapman off Ascension Island december 2006

The USA have a number of these that are almost permanently based at sea either in transit or off-shore for a few days here and there. (A write up, albeit a bit old now, on the role of pre-position supplies can be found on this page)


The journey out to the ship provides an offshore  picture opportunity which is too good to be resisted.


Cross hill, Ascension Island

This picture shows how Cross Hill (864 m) in the centre clearly dominates Georgetown which is on the right of the picture.



Green Mountain from Long Beach bay

Once we get a bit more off shore Green mountain comes into view and is clearly more green than the surrounding landscape


Awscension Island from long beach bay

This picture, taken just after 16.00 (or so the time recorder by camera says) shows how the cloud is often centred around Green Mountain as it mainly generated by the moisture laden trade winds approaching the island from behind Green Mountain are forced to climb above it's 2617 meter summit.


TSGT John A.Chapman

Finally we arrive at the TSGT John A.Chapman and are shown round, followed up by a meal on board. Unfortunately the ship is "dry" so only Pepsi and sodas to accompany the meal, which was a shame as it had been quite hot in some parts of the ship's innards and beer would have gone down a treat.


Boats moored off Georgetown, Ascension Island

Time to return to shore and the cloud around Green Mountain has clearly built up as by now it is past 18.00 and the temperature is beginning to drop.


Sunset, Long Beach, Ascension Island


Once on shore time for a final walk along the beach to enjoy the sunset before adjourning to the bar for a well earned beer.


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