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Visit 2006/7 - January 2

Time this afternoon for a visit to English bay where the BBC have their World service transmitter and masts.

For those who are interested in short wave transmission and the like, then there is an account here : Memories of Ascension  by Phil Brooks, of the setting up in the late sixties, of the BBC World Services or South Atlantic Relay Station. (S.A.R.S.) as it was known then.  Before the BBC  arrived in 1925, English Bay area was the site of an ill-fated guano collecting  venture.


This bit of the island feels like there should be a coal mine round the corner.



This could well be the only mini-roundabout on the island, and there are certainly no full sized ones anywhere



Sundown and a spectacular sunset is visible from the Scout hut, and it is then time for an evening BBQ.



So lots of food and a few beers to end to day.


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