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Visit 2006/7 - January 4

Today is the day our flight is due to leave Ascension so this afternoon we make time for a bit of exercise and stretch our legs as the flight back will be 8 hours. 

We decide to go up Green Mountain for one last walk. Given the island's occupation since the marines arrived in 1815 there are not that many physical reminders of that history.



But this monument (if that is the right word) commemorating the construction of Elliot's path, named after the admiral under whose supervision it was made, is a rare exception.


It can get muddy at times but was nice and dry today making for easy going.



Given how green this side of the island is now, one does wonder whether in 50 years time every trace of volcanic lava will have disappeared. 


However no matter where one goes on Ascension there is usually a bit of high tech in the picture as is the case here with the radar dome firmly planted on its lava hill base.


Although here it's more a case of low tech with one of the concrete water catchments created  by the marines in the 19th century at the top of Breakneck ravine clearly visible.

A bit further on the steepness of Breakneck Ravine becomes clear, and one does wonder whether anyone did actually break their neck here.

All too soon we are back at Garden Cottage briefly pausing to take in the view and enjoy a respite from the wind in the sheltered garden.

As it is our last afternoon, what better way to end the afternoon in a warm dip in the Atlantic. It still seems strange to think of the Atlantic as being warm, but that no doubt comes from childhood annual holidays in the 50's and 60's at UK costal resorts.


However what goes around comes around , and word reaches us on the beach by the island bush telegraph that the flight is delayed, so we could well have another day on the island. Well, at least that goes part way to making up for the delays coming out.

Back in Georgetown and we see something we never expected to see on Ascension ... a rainbow !


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