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Visit 2006/7 - January 5

In fact we end up pootling around all day as the flight time seems to slip back every hour by an hour.

In the evening the swell on Long Beach builds up, and the waves would have made for some stunning pictures if the sun had been out, but it was not to be.

This picture is from our first visit in 1997 and the swell is much bigger at that time of year apparently, but even so this picture gives a good feel for why long Beach is a no swimming area.

One of the surprises on our first visit was the yellow sand on long beach as we had somehow expected all the beaches to be black sand as they were volcanic.

So one final look at Long Beach with the Turtle ponds in the foreground and it's off back to Blightly in the morning, or not, depending on vagaries of the plane, the RAF and the weather in the Falklands (which can sometimes prevent takeoffs due to unpredictable gusty conditions)


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