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Scamp the miniature schnauzer 


Hi There


I am a miniature schanuzer.  I am six months old and just moved house as I have a new master and mistress. Rumour has it that moving house is one the most stressful things humans can do, well let me tell you it is pretty stressy for a dog too!

Absolutely no warning, no time to do all those 1001 jobs associated with a house move, and off I was in the pitch dark to goodness knows where



Luckily I know a few things about human psychology and on my arrival rapidly convinced my new mistress(see above) that what I needed was a nice warm lap to calm my frayed nerves.


I used to be e called Pepper ( as my coat colour is called Salt and pepper) but my new master and mistress want to give me a new name but can't make their minds up. All they are sure of is that it must be a real dog name, and not something that could be mistaken for a human like Fred or Jim


The following morning it was time to explore my surroundings and first stop was obviously the garden. Then I need to tell my mistress  that being in the garden was all well and good ...





      .... But that fuss was still necessary.





All these strange things in my new garden.







Time for a rest ...



    ... but I keep getting woken up by the click of a camera


Oops, nearly forget to say it looks like my new name is Scamp. I don't know why as that sounds like I am mischievous, and as you can see from my last picture I am a very serious dog :-)

Scamp the Miniature Schnauzer