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In Memoriam Scruffy who passed away 16th April  2007


Last picture taken of Scruffy on 5th March 2007

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Scruffy's original web page which was started in 1997 is shown below.

Scruffy the Miniature Schnauzer

Complete with the latest digital camera pictures!



Scruffy the miniature schnauzer - Cruft's Poser
Are those Choc drops I can see?

The pictures are all of me, and originally were  from ones he  had put on one of Kodak's Photo-CDs.
However my master has now bought a digital camera and is gradually taking pictures of all my favorite walks (see below)



Hi there. I am Scruffy the Schnauzer (actually I'm a miniature schnauzer), and am the boss in this household. 

My master says that I am ".. a dog of little brain...", but us Schnauzers are really quite bright. In fact we can talk, ... you should hear me on a Saturday or Sunday when it is obvious that my master or mistress have been on a trip to the local Tesco and have returned with some french bread. I am a sucker for the ends and I can count to two even though they sometimes try and cheat me of the second piece. Boy am I vocal then!! 

This routine is much more problematical now as we have a  new kitchen with a shiny wooden floor. I tend to forget this and go whizzing into the kitchen under full power and then have to engage full blown four paw breaking. If I get it wrong the end result is a lot of sliding and scrabbling with an undignified final stop much to everyone else's amusement.

Talking of kitchens my master says he is going to suggest a new Olympic event for Miniature Schnauzers called Dog Cheese Sniffing as he says I can detect the smell of cheese being taken out of the fridge from at least 20 yards, and would win this event paws down.

If you want more details on Schnauzers web-wide then you might wish to visit the Planet Schnauzer.

(note to humans:  Some humans try to use "minature schnauzer" to find me but they need to take spelling lessons, as miniature schnauzer is the correct spelling.)

Scruffy the miniature schnauzer - Tommy Cooper Imposter
Me doing my
Tommy Cooper
"Just like that"

Once my master has taught me HTML I am going to tidy it up and add a password on this page so humans can't get in!! However, in the meantime, I have persuaded him to let me have my own Email Id. so you can now email me at .

Mind you, the third EMail (way back in 1997!) I had was someone trying to sell me an aquarium!! But if you look carefully at the HTML for this page my master has found out a couple of sneaky tricks which make it more difficult for web robots and spiders to find my Email id but you humans can still see it.



Scruffy the miniature schnauzer - Enemy guard duty
Me on "Enemy Guard Duty"

Even the enemy, known as cats outside the dog world, also have a Web presence now, but the least said about them the better.

Even more interesting than the enemy are lady dogs and I have heard on the WWW "dog and bone" that there is a www site that sells software to keep tabs on what we have been up to, i.e. what humans euphemistically call dog breeding.

Since we  moved house just before the millennium  I now have to do evening Hedgehog duty in the bay window as the local hedgehogs regard our front garden as a prime nocturnal shortcut. The cheek of it !!

Scruffy the miniature schnauzer - This Dog Watch stuff is real hard work !
Me on "Dog-Watch"
(18/1/2002 taken with a Fujifilm 1400Z)





I am not really caged in, the previous owners obviously thought that "leaded" windows looked nice. However my master and mistress have learnt the hard way that it takes twice as long to wash the windows on the outside.


Mind you, the inside of this window is always needing to be cleaned  as my nose makes great big splodgy marks, some of which you can see in this picture if you look closely. This picture was originally huuuuge but my master had to shrink it to fit on a web page.


Actually the picture ought to be called "cat-Watch" as there is a cat lives opposite and we sometimes have a staring match, but I always win.






Of course, I love my walks and living in Aylesbury there is lots of countryside nearby, so I usually take my master for a country walk most weekends.

My master owns a digital camera.He has added a few pictures below. Once he has taken enough pictures we will add a separate page for all my walks.

One of the hidden treasures of Aylesbury is a company called Crawley Creatures, they made all the animals for the BBC Walking with  Dinosaurs series. Now, not a lot of people know that !  

Scruffy the miniature schnauzer - - Sniff, sniff, sniff, who's been been on my walk today.
 Me exploring the disused Wendover canal (12/2/2002 taken with a Fujifilm 1400Z) 

My favorites walks are Wendover woods, Coombe Hill, the Grand Union canal ( Aylesbury to Broughton ) and the Wendover to Halton section of the now disused Wendover arm Grand Union Canal, where I often see gliders from Halton airfield.

Although not strictly totally dedicated to dogs, I couldn't resist the name, so do have a visit to www.sounddogs.com which is run by Sony Pictures with loads of sound and animation.

Due to the quarantine restrictions in the past and now my hate of jabs I don't get to travel abroad, but my master and family do, so they have set up a really exciting set of pages about their visit to Ascension Island in 1997 for us dogs to view, but it is highly recommended viewing for humans too.

Finally my master says I've not got to forget to mention Hearing Dogs for Deaf People as they do a really good job, and in fact he supports them through the Give As You Earn scheme. Of course, I have a really super home here, but other dogs are not so lucky, so if you want to offer one of these unlucky dogs a nice place to live, do visit Battersea dogs home or the National Canine Defence League which has info on how to adopt a dog, top tips for pet care and how to sponsor a mistreated mutt if you don't have room for a dog yourself .

For those humans who live in the USA and want to adopt a miniature Schnauzer then a visit to The Schnauzer Rescue Message Board is an easy way to match unwanted miniature schnauzers (amazing as it may seem) with caring homes.

For humans living in the UK, this UK miniature Schnauzer breeder list might be useful.




Scruffy the miniature schnauzer - Come on, stop dawdling.
Me checking that my master can keep up
 further along the disused Wendover canal
(12/2/2002 taken with a Fujifilm 1400Z)



All right you humans, here is your chance to see how old you would be in dog years:
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