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Project Deadline Working Days Countdown Clock


This Javascript was originally written in 1997/8 to provide an illustration of the use of Javascript, and also provide a graphical means of demonstrating how near 2000 actually is in terms of working days to anyone out was having trouble convincing anyone that Y2k was an issue that needed taking seriously.



Change the following for your own values

Weeks of holiday per year
Hours worked per week
Number of people in team

There are JUST ....  Weeks

Moreover that means there are ONLY.....

Work Days* or Work Hours* left to get prepared.

* Assuming no sickness, training etc etc. Also Work Days and Work Hours are calculated smoothing out holiday and hours per week. This will become more approximate the nearer the countdown date is to today.


Change the following values if you want to alter the countdown date.

Les Smith 1996-2008

You may copy this clock if you wish, but please put in a link to this page and retain the copyright comments in the JavaScript.  

Clock mechanism last oiled and overhauled on 21 December 2006