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In 2005 I was asked to produce a website for the professional production of a play about Brunel and his wife (Brunel Structures) and as my biography entry in the program notes below says I was "seduced by the opportunity to design lighting for the play itself which proved irresistible ".

The picture on the right is from a scene where Mrs Brunel recalls visiting Brunel's tunnel under the Thames at Wapping.

The play was originally called Structures but this was later changed to be The Engineer's Corset.

(In 2014 it will be the 250th anniversary of the building of Brunel's Clifton suspension bridge near Bristol. It is planned to put on a production of The Engineer's Corset at Bristol as part of the celebration)


Extract from biographies section of the program notes for The Engineer's Corset 

Les Smith Lighting Designer


Co-incidentally Les worked as a railway signalling engineer for several years after leaving Manchester University, where he gained his first experiences as a lighting designer, including a tour round France of The Taming of the Shrew.


During the 70s and 80s Les was one of the regular lighting designers at Questors Theatre with shows ranging from classics such as Anthony and Cleopatra, and The White Devil to more contemporary works such as Butley, and What The Butler Saw.


Les then went into lighting designer retirement, but having created the website supporting the Structures production, he was then seduced by the opportunity to design lighting for the play itself which proved irresistible



The previous time I had worked professionally in the theatre was in 70's between university and my first full time job, when I worked as a stagehand for the get-in and first few months of the 1971 production of Showboat at the Adelphi theatre  with Cleo Laine, Thomas Carey and Lorna Dallas.



Showboat (1971 London Revival Cast)

Showboat (1971 London Revival Cast)